Castles of Confidence – Part Three

Another means of attacking the castle is to batter its gates. The ram was a designed to break down the gates, the weak point in the wall of the castle. The Christian faces battering rams every day. Like the rams of old, these just pound on you day and night.

Western society has many rams. They may be subtle, but they can be effect nonetheless. There is a barrage of words spoken of doubt, fear, and death. Every advertisement warns of impending disaster for all who fail to use their product. Support for every cause is whipped up by calling on fear of death and destruction. In addition, there is the battering ram of the so-called expert. Far too often we accept a claim of knowledge but it is really just someone’s opinion. As Os Guinness has said, “There is a huge gap between knowledge and opinion­—and ours is an age that is short on knowledge and long on opinions (and the cult of statistics and opinion polls).”

The Bible is the best source of knowledge and it is real knowledge, not opinion masquerading as knowledge. God Know what He is talking about, and He has placed in the Bible the knowledge we need for salvation and living the Christian life. This knowledge is there for our taking, but we must seek God and study His Word, aided by the guidance of the Holy Spirit to receive it. The Bible is our castle of confidence for overcoming opinion battering ram attacks.

Attacks also come over the walls. When the attack was against a castle often it came by a volley of arrows. There are also volleys of words flying though the sky circumventing the protection of the walls with their reign of death. Words of death and destructions, words of doubt and fear, words dearth and doom, these are the arrows of the enemy who is sworn to kill, steal and destroy. Negative words fill our ears and airways; the media, the neighborhood, fill our hearts and minds fill with these deadly arrows. It is not surprising that Paul tells us not to grow weary.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.

Galatians 6:9 (NKJV)


Christ our Castle of Confidence