Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 37:4 (NKJV) 

If we delight in the Lord, He shall give us the desires of our hearts. It seems important, our delighting in the Lord, that is. It’s like a door, an entrance to God that will take us to God’s provision and the desires of our hearts. The word delight is our key.

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The Wall

Walls have always been an important part of life. Walls have protected families, cities, and regions. They have stopped the onslaught of armies and been a protective barrier on a cold night. Walls have also separated cities, keeping families apart for years. Is that wall before you today a help or hindranc 

Everyday we deal with walls. Sometimes the problem is the absence of a wall. For centuries, a city without walls was open to attack. Until a wall was built around the city no one could rest secure. Today, God is seeking men and women who will pray for walls. He wants someone to pray for protective barriers around families, businesses, and cities that will stop the onslaught of Satan.

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Closed Doors

I served in the military during the Cold War. In those days men working with classified information could not go to places behind the Iron Curtain. I loved to travel, so it was frustrating that the “door” to these places was closed to me. A closed door is not only frustrating; it can also make things difficult.

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Stagger at the Promises

When was the last time you staggered? Maybe you only stagger when you stand up too fast, or maybe you’re like my Dad. He always staggered about for a few minutes after giving blood. His blood type was very rare so they loved when he donated it, but he had to be careful or he would end up on the floor.

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BLDH of Effective Prayer

The Christian life is compared to many things, but in simple terms, it is a life of getting to know Jesus Christ. Everyday we should be getting to know Him better and better. We should be learning more of His nature, power, and plans. Our goal should be for everything we think and do to be filled with all the fullness of God. The fullness of God is a place of great love and power. It is also the place of powerful, effective prayers that receives great answers.

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